Is Ray Higdon a Fraud or Scammer?

Dear Ray Higdon Fan, 

Some time ago, around 3 years back or somewhere in the vicinity – I met this fellow who had a tribal tattoo on his arm, and wore the shiniest platinum suit I've EVER seen. I thought he was really great. 


He's a very fruitful speaker, blogger, and podcaster. His suits are somewhat more extravagant, and a considerable measure less sparkling. 

That fellows name is Ray Higdon. (You've likely known about him) 

In those days? 

His distinction and fortunes were exploding. (furthermore, have been doing as such from that point forward) 

He's made millions in the most recent couple of years alone and I have been exceptionally blessed to become more acquainted with him over this time. 

Amazingly through all the riches, and the greater part of the master fanboys and fangirls he's obtained – he's stayed staggeringly humble through it all. 

He's not even a little Kanye-esque. (alright, perhaps a touch) ;) 

Presently, back to when I initially met Ray.. 

I contemplate 3 years prior now, that Ray first saw me talk in front of an audience interestingly at No Excuses Summit at the MGM Grand in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. 

It was in May. It was this precise week, 3 years back – indeed. 

With just 3 minutes to talk.. 

Despite everything I figured out how to get something like 300 select ins to my email list from my discussion. 

Evidently individuals thought it was really great. 

Not terrible for a 3 moment gig, isn't that so? 

One of the people who selected into my rundown? 

Indeed, it was noneother than Ray Higdon himself. I was fed, without a doubt. 

Beam let me know, he'd selected in on the grounds that "You're sharp as damnation, and I need to gain from you." 

"Woah," I pondered internally. #MostlyHumble


Fast forward three years later..

I am returning from a self-imposed-sabbatical from all things work-related. I'm back with a purpose.

I'm here to help as many people as possible find financial freedom, just like I have.

I want everyone to have the choice.

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I want you to have the CHOICE.

The choice between whether you want to work 16 hours / day, or whether you want to take sabbaticals and just focus on life, your wife, your kids or your hobbies for a little while.

I want you to have this choice – not because you're dependant on someone else.

I want you to have this choice due to total independance.

I want you to have this independance simply because you will soon have the ability to generate so much darned income – that nobody can dictate what you can or cannot do any longer.


  • No more bosses
  • No more fake rules.
  • No more bullsh*t.


Fair enough?

For those who follow my simple recommendations, and apply even just a tiny portion of what is laid before you..

You will be closer to comfortably, freely, and happily saying "I have a choice."

You may even find yourself 'all the way there'. Wherever 'there' is for you.

The very destination you've had your eye on now for the longest time..

It's finally yours for the taking. Will you reach out and grab it?

Why am I so confident in your newfound freedom?

Ray is releasing a new training that he has spent years personally making.

His team has spent months creating this exact training word-for-word.

They've spent weeks editing and painstakingly perfecting everything.

He's covered every detail. There is simply no stone left unturned.

Click Here to See 

Frank Kern Scam





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Keyword Research: 6-Point Checklist Eper12x

Here is an excellent video which really simplifies understanding how to do keyword research.  I found this from a testimonial:

Dude, hope you don't mind me calling you dude. Two things: First, I love that you are from GA and "speak southern". I'm in NC and feel like I'm the only one on YouTube with a southern accent! :) Two, you have SO simplified keyword research for me.  I've been teetering with it and as someone who teaches how to use WordPress SEO and keywords is a big component and felt like I still wasn't getting it. I get it now! It really is so simple and so many people are making it seem super hard. Thank you

How you can Consider Awesome Pictures.

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Taking great photos isn’t nearly having a nice camera. I’m a firm believer that good photography derives from smart photographers who think creatively and know how to make the most of what they’ve got—whether they’re using the services of fancy DSLR or an i phone.

On TED’s design team, where by I manage TED’s Instagram consideration, we’re always on the hunt for beautiful, arresting images. Underneath are 8 non-technical, non-intimidating tips i always continue to refer to despite years of taking pictures.

Keep the lens clean and your battery power charged. Yes, both of these products are obvious, but they’re also a breeze to forget. With my photographic camera, I like to keep a minimum of one extra fully-charged battery on give, and I always keep my phone charger beside me because it’s such a bummer when you'd like to take a photo nevertheless can’t. Phones can get especially dirty from riding around in your pockets and getting our fingerprints around them. So form a habit where every time you go to pick up your camera, you clean away from your lens. You can wipe your lens using a lens cloth or a super soft fabric as an old T-shirt. But be careful; using a fabric that’s way too rough will scratch. And that’s your worst.
Light is king. If you remember one thing from that list, choose this one. Lighting will be as valuable a tool as ones camera itself. In fact, I think of them as equal teammates who have to work together to complete the task — and you are their particular coach. Generally, natural light from the sun is the foremost option. If you’re inside, enhance the blinds and open the curtains to let in just as much light as possible and, if you can, move your subject near the particular window. If you’re limited to help artificial lighting (anything that works by using electricity), you’ll want to make sure you place the lamps in a manner that they’re fully lighting your subject because artificial light is usually uneven. If you have some sort of lamp or overhead lighting, become aware of the direction the light is usually pointing in. Can you point another light through the other side to balance that out?
Use a reflector. Reflectors bounce light in the sun or a lamp upon an object. And this can make a positive change in your photography. If you intend to get that clean, professional facilities look, use a white section of poster board or foamcore to reflect light onto your subjects. Here’s an example: reflectorbeforeafterNotice how from the image on the left, this guy’s face is practically entirely dark in the shadow? In the image on the suitable, the photographer used a reflector to the left of his face. There’s no “right” way to hold the reflector, you’re just searching for an angle that will bounce light through your main source onto your subject matter. This process is generally just trial and error.
Think before you shoot. Remember: you are the one acquiring the photo, not just the actual camera. The point of as a photographer is to capture the globe as you see it and share your unique perspective with others. So it’s important to visualize what you long for your photo to look like before you take it. This means taking time for you to consider what’s in the framework, and coming up with the top composition. When you look through the screen or viewfinder in the camera, examine every single point that’s showing. For a photo to own impact, there should be no interruptions that cause a viewer to think about something other than what you wanted these phones see. Are there any water bottles or random objects that ought to be moved? Have you cropped off of the top of someone’s head? Take the time to consider it.
Mind the particular lines. Horizon lines should be directly unless you’re making them diagonal for the creative effect. I like to use the actual grid feature on my phone to be sure I’m not off. I also often utilize a 9-square grid like the one particular below that breaks my picture up into thirds. This is called the Guideline of Thirds — aim to place the landmarks in your photo along the lines or in which the lines cross, and your photos will naturally feel more balanced to the viewer. They call it a “rule, ” but think of it more as a guideline. It’s useful in creating compositions which have been pleasing to the eye. CC_Rivertree_thirds_md
Move. Get up close. One mistake many new photographers make is of which their photos all look a similar. It’s important to move all around and explore every angle of your respective subject. If you’re photographing somebody, you might want to stand above them so that they look smaller or more tasteful. If you want to show that the person is strong and highly effective, you can try shooting from below a lttle bit to make them seem greater. If you’re photographing an object, really think: Does the object have to be shown in an abstract way that has a wacky perspective? Or does a straight on angle make it feel more truthful and also direct?

Take a lot regarding photos. Challenge yourself to take 10-20 shots of the same principle, making sure each shot is exclusive. This will give you plenty of options and is especially beneficial when you’re photographing people. You may also try comparing photos with diverse lighting scenarios. Sometimes, low lighting can make things feel more mysterious, while bright lighting can seem happier or higher honest.
Share your photos. The whole reason you’re capturing photos is to enable you to express your unique perspective. And so, it can be very rewarding to demonstrate your images to people. Upon Instagram, I’m always fascinated to discover how many likes a photo gets and what folks comment on. Getting feedback like this can help you understand what makes a graphic successful—it can help show an individual what resonates. Want more aspect? Ask people what they think about your photos. The feedback isn’t always about to be nice, but that’s fine. These are your photos. And there’s no wrong solution to do photography.


taken from the ted blog